Friday, 12 July 2013


The name of the restaurant makes me think of the super powered monkey from Dexters lab, which immediately earned the place bonus points in my heart. I have been trying to get in to Monki for some time, about a month to be exact. The place is almost always busy and generally has a line to follow.

I have heard great things about Monki from several friends who have managed to gain access. I knew what I would be getting the instant I sat down. The name of this blog should give that away. I of course ordered the burger.

Any time I read a menu and the word pretzel bun is used I always get a little bit excited. After all, the bun is the ship that the burger is making it's voyage on, or in?... I'll let you decide.

After ordering the burger (which everyone did, except for the man giant I know because being tall isn't different enough) I enjoyed a caesar while I waited. After about 20 minutes or so (good food takes time and I am usually willing to wait) My burger was dropped off. The burger was served with a nice garden salad which I am sure they put there to make you feel like you have eaten something that is good for you before you dig in to this monster burger.

I am by no means a small man and I had to compress the burger with both hands just to get a bite. After the first bite I was immediately sent to "my happy place" I could have been on fire and I would have kept eating this burger. The burger was so good in fact that I actually ate it as if someone was going to take it away from me. I was hunched over this masterpiece with my elbows out and up in full defense of anyone who might get to close and threaten the burger and mines existence. The only part I did not enjoy about the experience is when the burger was gone. This, is what sky diving must feel like.

This burger easily fits in to what I like to call the "2 napkin rule" If you need to only use 1, the burger was not worth your time. I had to resist the urge to lick the plate. My friend that was with me at the time was still eating his burger and I honestly debated over powering him and eating the rest of his.

Monki, I will be back. I don't know when but one day. I will jump from that plane and dive face first in to the piece of heaven you have served to so many. Thank you!

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