Monday 20 May 2013

In the beginning

I feel I should start everything I write here off with a brief reason as to why I started this "Burger Blog"

Last year I was coming back from a trip out to Salmo BC at an event called Shambhala. It is a wonderful outdoor music festival that really does have some of that old school raver/hippy feel. It is an amazing place and I think if you have the chance to try it out at least once that you should.

I was on my way back from Salmo with my friend Phil, we had stopped at Frank Slide to take some photos of a rock slide that had happened years ago. We had both decided that we where hungry and that stopping some place to eat was a good idea. We ended up in this sports pub and sadly I have forgotten its name. We ended up ordering and I got there "House Buger" off the menu. It was a very large portion size and I let it sit for a moment as I worked on my french fries, which where, by the way, pretty damn amazing. Then I finally picked up the burger and took a bite. It was like someone had Tailor made this burger for me. It had everything I wanted. I could barely finish the darn thing. I actually have no recollection of what was actually on the burger but I know it was amazing. It actually sits in my mind, almost as if I had dreamed the whole experience. This burger truly was, my naked girl in a clam shell.

Now several month went on. I went about  my life, working, playing and just trying to continue on. However, this want started growing in the back of my mind. I wanted, no I needed, to find the most amazing burger of all time.

I have been on the search for about a year now and I have found some that have come close but never topped my Frank Slide Burger. I have spoken to a few people about my mission and they told me I should start a blog. In hope of perhaps meeting other burger lovers or that maybe one day, someone might read this and make their way to the best damn burger they've ever had.

This blog shall be a reflection of my journey, of my trials and of my heartbreak.

I'll share everything I can with you.

I should also note that when I started this adventure I also started a fairly heavy weight loss plan. To date I am down over 100lbs and I keep going down. I have to earn my burger every week. This makes the burger even better to me as each week I get to experience something new as I better myself.

I promise I will do my best to write this as often as I eat and I will do my best to make sure the blog is somewhat readable. I am not an English major so expect spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I only know what to fix that the red line tells me is wrong.

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