Thursday 19 September 2013

Hanna and Barbara would be proud

Hello friends, it has been far too long since I have shared my eatings with you. I don't like to make excuses but it's actually been hard to find time to find a burger worth sharing. However I have finally managed to come across some things worth sharing over the last few weeks and I think it's high time you all got to hear about it!

So, for a while now I have been told about this place called Rocky's Burger Bus. It is located in the industrial area off of Blackfoot Trail and something avenue (once again, you look up the address because I had too) Last week I was in the area during their open hours, so I could finally go and check this place out. They are open Monday - Friday from 10am until 3pm. These are not the easiest hours to work around, but if you have the chance. DO IT!

I walked up to the window of this little bus, not too sure what to expect. It's a little broken down bus that has clearly not moved in years. I mean they have a wooden deck built out front. I think at one time it may have been mobile but then the bus broke down and they made the decision of "screw it, this works" They have a minimal menu and by no means are they fancy. I mean c'mon, it's a bus! This is a buy it and cram it in your mouth kind of place if I've ever seen one. After looking at the menu for about 30 seconds I decided to order the double cheeseburger. At this point the guy at the till warned me that their patties were 10oz. I of course said "bring it on", how big could that be right?

I am by no means a small man nor are my hands dainty in any way, I looked like a 3 year old holding on to a car tire. This burger is so big that making eye contact with someone while trying to take a bite might be a bad idea. Unless you're in to that sort of thing.

Now, I've had big burgers before. I've had simple burgers before too. But these patties must have been made out of the most well loved cattle on the planet. Picture the most moist, soft and tender meat loaf you have ever had in your life. Now take two of them, slap them between some very finely seeded burgers buns (which are probably special ordered from the land of giants) and throw on some basic toppings.

No onion rings, no special cheese, no tomato or lettuce. This, was a carnivores dream. The bread was basically there to make sure you're hands didn't get too close to the meat because you might just bite a finger clean off. Putting the burger up to my face to take a bite actually blocked my peripheral vision. I was sitting in my truck and the whole world slipped away. Never have I been so happy with something so simple. Besides a good beer or a nice glass of scotch. That right you heard me, I compared this burger to a nice glass of scotch!

So, get some buddies, skip out of work early for lunch and go cram your face Flintstones style!

Until next time!

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